Testimonial from Stan & Marsha Stewart



Dear Steve and Mike,

We want to thank you for your help and continued support when we need it, even though we have been living in our lovely home you built for us seven years ago.

Your timeliness, patience and attention to detail were most appreciated when you built our home and your continued support following a recent plumbing problem, showed us how much your care about the homes you build and your clients, even with the passage of many years.

The personal attention you gave us when you came out to assess the problem, Steve, only reinforces your reputation and the pride you take in your work. Our problem has been rectified now and we want to thank you and Mike for being the kind and caring people you are.

Special thanks are in order for Denise, who put forth her time and great effort to help us. Our appreciation and thanks goes to Paul for his time, workmanship and the courtesy he gave us in helping to “diagnose” the problem and complete the repairs promptly and with excellence.

You are all “sparkling gems” in an industry frequently not known for such, thanks again for being true to your outstanding reputation in this community.

Best regards,

Stan and Marsha Stewart


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