Testimonial from Lisa & Howard Nadel


7219 N. W. 127th WAY

August 4, 2000

Mr. Steve Mrachek
Mr. Mike Mrachek
11050 Wiles Road
Suite 101
Coral Springs, Florida 33076

Dear Steve and Mike:

Now that our house is complete, I wanted to take a moment to express how thrilled we are that you were our builder. As you might recall when the whole process started, almost two years ago, we did not know who you were or anything about your company. We ended up with you as our builders accidently, but it has been one of the BEST accidents we could have asked for.

When we found out you were going to be our builder we started asking people in the community about the Mrachek Bros. No matter who we spoke with the response was "the best". Being skeptical of builders, as I am, l was pleased to hear what people had to say about your company, and l am very happy to tell you that the truth speaks for itself.

When you design a home from scratch many things can go wrong and can be costly to correct. No matter what the problems we encountered, I always felt that you were very fair about what it cost to correct the problem and/or make the change in order to make us happy. You constantly strove to make us happy throughout the process.

I felt that both of your expertise in construction out in the field was apparent over and over and helped and to make our house come out as magnificent as it did. Our house was not the type of house that could be built without constant supervision, field adjustments and careful attention to the details. l was impressed with the things that you noticed needed to be corrected, which I know I never would have noticed. I remember when the base for the columns in the front of the house was built it was off by about 6 inches, which I did not notice until I saw on of your men out there enlarging the base. I remember when the arch in the towers was slightly different and l did not notice the difference, but before I know it I saw it being corrected. I couild go on and on, but the point is that you were always, always on top of what was happening and concerned for every detail in our 4,300 sf. ft. house.

Even Denise inside the office was always very, very helpful and followed thcough on whatever I would ask or question. She was a pure delight to deal with on a daily basis.

It is my opinion, being a real estate attorney, having dealt with many builders on behalf of clients, that your company and both of you are quality builders whose reputation does not begin to tell people why you are the builder they should choose when given the choice.

Much to my surprise, having you build our house was a great experience. I could not have asked for more in a builder. The standard and quality of the construction, from what I could see, was first class. Even on the punch list items, within one month of closing almost everything was completed.

In conclusion, Lisa and I one want to thank you very much for building us an awesome home for which we will always be very grateful. Should you ever want to show prospective buyers our house and/or have them contact me, it would be my pleasure to speak with them. Thank you very much.

Very truly yours,



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