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Testimonial from Sam and Bindu Desai

Senior Vice-President , Motorola

August 9, 2001

Mrachek Brothers, Inc.

Dear Steve & Mike,

I want you to know how impressed we are with you, Mike, and your

company in the building of our new home. Your dedication and

expertise has resulted in timely delivery and a job superbly done.

We are extremely impressed with your workmanship and your

company. If I build a house anywhere in the U.S.A., you can count

on it that it will be built by your company. Your attention to details

and the way you try to suggest improvements in the building plan

are to be commended.

This is my fourth house over the last thirty years and I can tell you,

this one we are going to cherish and enjoy as long as we live in it.

During the construction phase we have observed that you folks

build a house as if it is built for you personally. This is a very rare

trait in this day and age. We are extremely moved by this behavior.

When I talk about your company I also want to mention that all your

sub-contractors are very dedicated and quality oriented. Wow!

I appreciate the time and effort you expended on this project and I

cannot thank you enough. I hope you will maintain a close

friendship with us. Please stay in touch and do not hesitate to call


Very truly yours,

Sam & Bindu Desai



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