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Testimonial from Peter Dehlinger

Astro International Inc.

June 8, 1994

Mike & Steve Mrachek


Dear Mike & Steve:

All too often in our hectic world people often do not take the time to thank those individuals that have performed exceptionally and beyond what is required. Last year when I decided to purchase the property for our new home and to design and contract for its construction, I did so with some trepidation as friends, relatives and the media have always echoed the negatives and horrors of "building a new house".

For me i looked at this as an exciting challenge to create something special and approached this undertaking the way I think anyone should who is entering un-familiar territory. First you absolutely must have a positive attitude and secondly you need a knowledgeable and experience guide, which in my case was choosing MRACHEK BROS. to build my dream home!

Throughout these past six months you and your subcontractors, which have all done exceptional work, were always cooperative and focused on getting the job done right, and never was there confrontation or any negative attitudes. When the bell lap rang 37 days ago, and we had to enter the final lap and accelerate the schedule to meet our move in date, again the professional and hands-on approach from both of you made the difference, without compromising quality.

From myself and my family, a SINCERE THANK YOU TO BOTH OF YOU, and all your staff and subcontractors for making this a very special experience.

Peter J. Dehlinger

Fort Lauderdale

Telephone ( 954 ) 561 - 1744


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