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A Family Orientated Building Company With Three Generations Of Quality Craftsmen.

Mrachek Brothers Inc. was incorporated in 1979 by its two principals, brothers Mike and Steve Mrachek. Before incorporating, they operated as a partnership for two years.

Both have spent the majority of their lives in the building business, primarily building custom homes. They have always believed in a "hands-on" approach and you will find them on the building site a good deal of the time.

All facets of Mrachek jobs are highly supervised with much of the work done by Mike and Steve. Both are experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen.

Simply stated, the Mrachek philosophy is that the building of one's personal home should be a rewarding experience. This is accomplished by a commitment to quality, hard work, and good communication with the customer and all subcontractors. Everyone involved should take pride in the completed product. Mrachek customers are testimony to the fact that this philosophy works.

To enhance this family business, Mike and Steve utilize their father, Lou Mrachek, a retired Registered Professional Engineer. Lou has a Masters Degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This professional knowledge and experience provides welcomed technical support in both residential and commercial construction.

Mrachek Bros. Inc. is a full service builder, also involved in light commercial construction and home remodeling, as well as custom home building. The company has constructed thousands of square feet of warehouse and office space. In recent years they have been expanding this division of the company.

Satisfied customers always return. We urge you to check our enclosed references, which include a list of Mrachek buyers.

Few builders provide potential customers with a list of customers who have purchased new homes from them, others just wanting that special addition or renovation, yet what better testimony is there? Only an individual who knows firsthand how the builder works with the customer, and that all facets of the job are taken care of properly and promptly can attest.

Mrachek Brothers feel comfortable in having prospective customers contact any homeowners and/or any customers who have had work done by them. They are confident that the recommendation will be excellent.

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